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The Best Hogwarts House Quiz

The Best Hogwarts House Quiz

Today we're taking 5 Harry Potter Hogwarts House quizzes and reporting on the best ones the internet has to offer



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“A thousand years or more ago,

When I was newly sewn,

There lived four wizards of renown,

Whose name are still well-known:

Bold Gryffindor from wild moor,

Fair Ravlenclaw from glen,

Sweet Hufflepuff from valley broad,

Shrewd Slytherin from fen.

They share a wish, a hope, a dream,

They hatched a daring plan,

To educate young sorcerers,

Thus Hogwarts school began.”

-Sorting Hat

Step into the enchanting world of magic, spells, and friendship as we dive headfirst into the realm of Hogwarts House quizzes. For every devoted Harry Potter fan, the Sorting Hat's decision is more than just a mere label; it's an exploration of the self, a mirror reflecting the depths of our personality and aspirations. 

Today, in a quest to discover the most authentic Hogwarts House quizzes the internet has to offer, we embark on a captivating journey that promises self-discovery, nostalgia, and a touch of online wizarding fun.

Our journey through the Hogwarts houses continues as we delve into the remaining quizzes that the online wizarding community has conjured up. We'll scrutinize the merits of each quiz and unveil the secrets they hold. We will tell you which ones are the best at the end so you do not have to waste your time. 


Today, we embark on a delightful journey through the world of Hogwarts House quizzes, exploring the first two of our lineup. 


Quiz 1: Wizarding World (Official) 

Our expedition commences with the official Wizarding World quiz, a true gem for every Potterhead. This quiz felt more instinctually than others, while some questions you could predict the house associated with the answer, many were still unpredictable. 

Upon completing the official Wizarding World quiz, you'll be rewarded with an insightful description of your house, along with personal reflections from members of the same house. Even though I was expecting to get Slytherin, I ended up in Ravenclaw. Was kinda disappointed that it did not get it right. 

Yet, it was an enjoyable journey that transcends the screen, pulling you into a world of camaraderie and shared values.


Quiz 2: OG Pottermore 

Next on our enchanting expedition is the OG Pottermore sorting quiz. This quiz is a reminiscent of the old Potter days, and it’s clear to see the previous Quiz drew lots of inspiration from this original. As Pottermore the website doesn’t exist anymore, I was still able to find the original quiz on this website. Personally, I always disliked the Pottermore quiz as it seemed very simplistic. But for the OGs I wanted to try the Pottermore quiz to see if they get Slytherin. 

The questions are engaging, yet were similar to the previous official Wizarding World quiz.  Likewise the worst nightmare question was repeated in this quiz as well. 

Once sorted, you'll receive a brief description of your house's traits and characteristics. The Pottermore quiz did give me the expected results making me a Slytherin. Interestingly along with your top house it also shows your second, third and fourth with percentages. I was given to be a 68% Slytherin and 66% Gryffindor. 


This is not all! Hold onto your broomsticks, because Part 2 is on the horizon. We're brewing up a potion of more enchanting Harry Potter quizzes and will rank the best.


@jointhecovn Replying to @Covn we got a definite winner here #harrypotter #hogwartslegacy #hogwartshouses #daystillhalloween ♬ original sound - Covn

Quiz 3: Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed, known for its quick (dumb) and easy quizzes, so naturally we had to try one. Similar questions were found where I went with the same answeres for consistency. My results showed I belonged in every house, clearly the one thing the Quiz was supposed to do was sort me, so this quiz fails on that account. 


Quiz 4: Quiz Expo (fan)

For those seeking a fan-made creation that pays homage to the wizarding world, the Quiz Expo sorting hat quiz is NOT for you, it gives the vibe it was made in some of fever dream and is probably the worse quiz on here.

I found myself halted by an unending series of advertisements. The whole quiz was drowned in a sea of blinking banners and intrusive pop-ups, leaving me feeling like an unwilling contestant in an advertisement maze.
Overall, I felt like this quiz sucked. It ended up giving me the result of me being a Gryffindor. 


Quiz 5: Time Quiz

It’s presented by Time Magazine and was designed by Cambridge University scientists based on the big five personalities. It contains questions where you have to choose how disagreeable or agreeable you are to different situations. All in all I really liked this quiz, it was short, it didn’t share any of the questions I’ve seen on repeat from the other quizzes and at the end of the day it was also accurate with me receiving Slytherin with a high margin of 69.9%


We conclude our search with the following findings:

In First is the Time Quiz, short and sweet it was great for someone looking for accurately who also may not know or care about every single detail of the series and also diehard fans who know all the details and can predict answers.

Secondly I would rank the Pottermore quiz. The quiz gave me the result I was hoping for which is a Slytherin which shows that it is pretty accurate. For true Potterheads they can read in between the lines for many of the question choices so this quiz might be a little obvious.

If you do come across more interesting and magical quizzes do not hesitate to let us know and share your magical thoughts in the comments. See you soon in the next blog where we talk all things witchy. 

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