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Show Yennefer or Game Yennefer?

Show Yennefer or Game Yennefer?


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Show Yennefer or Game Yennefer? Today we’re talking about our all time favorite witches, Yennefer of Vengerberg from The Witcher Series.

My first introduction to Yen was through the show, I had absolutely no idea of plot but had no idea how much of bad bitch she would turn out to be. Besides a wildly deep back story I found myself so drawn to her. 

First Personality: For the game I’ve played the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Game Yen seems more secure and less jealous than that of Show Yen but could be from the personal growth she’s done. If they didn’t know the Witcher 3 plot is beyond the show. 

I don’t have enough words to say how amazing Anya Chalotra is who plays show Yennefer. What I think the game Yen is missing is vulnerability of show Yen. She truly brings breath of realism into the character. Personality of Show Yenn is winning, I literally get SO excited when her and gerald are together, they are end game. 

Second Fashion: This is a hard one, Oof they both slay but I’m going to have to go with Show Yenn. There’s just so much variety here, obviously you don’t play as Yenn in the game so our interactions her outfit is pretty much the same. While it is great, I think costume design on the Show really enhanced her personality through fashion. 

Third: Her and Gerald’s relationship, Now don’t take this as a criticism by our god Henry Cavill who IS the moment and forever and ever be our Geralt but what I find missing in the show is Geralt’s inability to not help. Its so core in his personality in the game thats its actually a joke on if he thinks himself as some sort of witcher knight. That being said I Geralt really be thinking hard in the game about him and Trish whereas show geralt is pretty much zeroed in on Yen. I’m going with my gut an saying the *depending on your gameplay* game Yen. 

Show Yen Wins! 

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