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@jointhecovn 📸🧀🩸literally watching the new series as I post #goosebumps #goosebumpsdisneyplus #goosebumpsshow #halloween #90s ♬ goosebumps - Travis Scott


If you’re you were a 90s baby, there’s 100% chance you grew up with this Series.

Today we're talking about Goosebumps Series by R. L. Stine. The stories featured young kids to teens who find themselves in paranormal, supernatural or just plain creepy scenarios. 

Between 1992 and 1997, 62 books were publishes under the Goosebumps umbrella title. With the new Disney+ / Hulu Goosebumps series coming out last week, let's have a look at 5 of the best and most classic Goosebump tales. 

  1. The Curse at Camp Cold Lake

Camper Sarah is bullied by the camp’s mean girls and decides to make them feel bad by pretending to drown in the camp’s lake, but in her pretend drowning she meets Della, a girl she can see through (red flag). She keeps seeing Della when no one else can and tries to escape the same fate as her. 

  1. Welcome to Dead House

The Benson family moved into their new home in Dark Falls and come to find out that their house is actually called ‘dead house’ providing everyone in town (who are all zombies) fresh blood. 

  1. The Haunted Mask

Is a terrifying account of a young girl named Carly Beth who is tricked into eating a worm sandwich and vows revenge. In an attempt to put together the scariest Halloween costume, she acquires a halloween mask from a mysterious shop. The mask changes her voice while she wears it, but when the mask fuses to her face it starts slowly transforming Cary Beth.


2. One Day at Horrorland

On a family trip Lizzy and her family meant to go to Zoo Gardens, but thanks to a lost map and some wrong turns, they end up at Horrorland. But then their car mysteriously blows up in the parking lot, stranding them there. While her parents figure out a new way to get home Lizzy explores the park with the little annoying brother and his friend Clay. After some terrifying encounters such as losing Clay on the Doom Slide and being unable to find their parents Lizzy has to find a way to escape Horrorland alive.

1. Say Cheese and Die!

Four friends, exploring the creepy abandoned house in their neighborhood, find an antique camera that they take home.  But soon, the camera starts taking photos that seem to foretell bad things to come (one kid takes a photo of his family's new car that shows it totaled, and shortly after, his dad is in an ugly car crash). When someone of the friend group vanishes after her photo is taken they have to figure out how to stop the camera’s power. This one is featured in the new Goosebumps show.

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