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10 Things You Didn't Know About Dracula

10 Things You Didn't Know About Dracula


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Have you read Bram Stoker's Dracula or do you just know the cult classic character by name alone? Today we're exploring 10 things you probably don't know about the famous vampire. 

1. Dracula was old 

While in many modern adaptations Dracula is shown to be almost ageless and relatively young, in the novel Dracula is visibly elderly in addition to being pale, gaunt, and strange. 

2. Dracula isn’t the main character

There are lots of characters but the story is first told from the perspective of Jonathan Harker, a young English lawyer, as he travels to Transylvania sent by his firm to help Dracula sort out some estates. The novel follows other characters such as Jonathan’s fiance Mina throughout the rest of the novel 

3. Real life location of Whitby, England is tied to Dracula 

In the novel Mina visits her friend Lucy in Whitby who is being courted by three men: Dr. John Seward, Arthur Holmwood, and an American named Quincey Morris. At the same time a wrecked Russian ship is discovered not far from shore with all aboard dead with the only cargo left, which was 50 boxes of earth from Castle Dracula 

4. Van Helsing was a Professor 

In the novel Mina’s friend Lucy begins sleepwalking after the shipwreck and falls mysteriously ill. They escalate the case to Professor Van Helsing

5. Garlic was Used to Ward off Vampires

Professor Van Helsing covered Lucy and her room in garlic to ward off vampires. Her mother ended up taking the garlic away prompting another attack and ultimately Lucy’s death 

6. Van Helsing Got Lucy’s Exes to Kill Her 

Harsh as it seemed, her suitors where unconvinced until brought to her Tomb at night where she was seen feeding on a child. They agree to follow the ritual of vampire slaying by Van Helsing to ensure that Lucy’s soul will return to eternal rest by plunges a stake through her heart while Vampire Lucy sleeps. The men then cut off her head and stuff her mouth with garlic. After this deed is done, they pledge to destroy Dracula himself.

7. If you’re bit by a vampire you slowly turn into a vampire 

Now vampire lore differs on this but in the novel, Lucy and later Mina gets bit by Dracula and starts turning. 

8. Jonathan Escapes Castle Dracula 

Johnathan ends up in Budapest and Mina comes to meet him, they get married before returning to England to help Van Helsing with the fight to find and kill Dracula 

9. Dracula Meets his End 

Johnathan and Quincey use knifes to kill Dracula Harker slashes through Dracula’s throat just as Morris plunges his knife into the count’s heart. Dracula dies, and as his body crumbles to dust, Mina notes in his face “a look of peace, such as I never could have imagined might have rested there.” 

10. Killing Dracula Cured Mina 

When Dracula Died, the curse vampire was lifted from Mina, the story concludes that 7 years later her and Jonathan are still happily married with a son. 


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