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Lilith: The First Vampire?

Lilith: The First Vampire?


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As spooky season is in full swing, we started to wonder who was the first vampire? Well, it may just be a girl named Lilith. 

Sometimes referred to as ‘the Progenitor”, Lilith was supposedly the first vampire made in God’s image, created before Adam and Eve. The biblical pair were actually said to be made in order to sustain Lilith, as well as any children they had ‘gone forth and multiplied’. 

But there is a slightly different tale that was more historically believed by those who worshipped Lilith as a god of the vampiric. According to a story from the 8th-10th century, Lilith was created by God at the same time as Adam. She was set to bear children by Adam, but did not entertain Adam’s lovemaking methods as she saw them as unequal. Adam forced her, and some believe that the child she had as a result was Eve. Adam, disregarding Lilith and her strongwill, turned his attention to Eve. (This would technically make Adam not only the first man but the first sinner, but that’s a whole other discussion). 

As Lilith tried to defy Adam, and therefore God’s will, she became tainted by hate and possessed by demonic powers. She vowed revenge against God and all mankind created by Adam and Eve. She promised to kidnap and kill their children, “destroy women’s hopes for happy families and seduce and torment men”. Her first most recognisable vampiric actions come from stories of her sucking blood from the men she seduced to gain strength.

Lilith’s wrath became so well known and feared that monks sometimes slept with protective items on their *you know what* to stop her getting to them, and pregnant women would ward themselves and their babies by wearing protective amulets. Lilith was also often blamed for men’s infidelities, but maybe that’s just an excuse. 

She most certainly wasn’t an angel, but was she truly the first vampire? We may never know who Lilith really was, but her historical reputation definitely awards her with the infamous title.


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