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Easy Ways to Smoke Away Your Problems Part 2 :Blends

Easy Ways to Smoke Away Your Problems Part 2 :Blends


@jointhecovn Replying to @ChelDog1111 part 2! and we’re blending it up #smokableherbs #mugwort #herbalism #jointhecovn #spookyszn ♬ Fall October Halloween horror classic(177261) - rareNote


In our first video/blog post we discussed which herbs are best to smoke your problems away, today we’ll be recommending 3 specific blends for morning, afternoon and night. As a reminder this content is just for educational purposes 

Our first blend recommendation is for the morning


-White Sage



This great to set a soothing tone for the day. Peony, rose and white sage are for easing the mind with the Mugwort is used historically for easing boosting energy and easing away the pain. 

The next blend recommendation is for the afternoon as a little pick me up

-Holy Basil 




Holy Basil will provide a nice smell. While catnip will probably get your cat high, in humans its a mild stress reliever. The Peppermint helps with nausea and boosts energy alongside yarrow which promotes digestion and relieves pain makes this blend perfect for afternoon. 

This blend is recommended for the night time:

-White Sage




You may be familiar with the white sage used for smudging but did you know it can also be smoked? White sage has been used by the indigenous people of America for many years to help relieve stress. 

Chamomile isn’t just for tea but can also be smoked giving the same relaxing and stress relieving effects. Lavender gives similar relaxation effects with a pleasant aroma. Using mugwort right before bed is said to promote dreaming. 


There you have it. Also check out our instagram where you can find us hosting a giveaway for the next two weeks where you can enter to win a Covn dress perfectly fit you for you. 

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