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Jamie Lee Curtis - Queen of Halloween Movies

Jamie Lee Curtis - Queen of Halloween Movies


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The film franchise of ‘Halloween’ started in 1978 and now includes over 13 movies and is a part of Halloween pop culture. Actor Jamie Lee Curtis has been part of the franchise since the first movie and today we’ll look at which movies she’s in, as well as recommend the ideal viewing order to watch the film franchise.

1. The Original 1978 ‘Halloween’

The movie that kicks off the whole Halloween film series goes back to 1963 when six-year-old Michael Myers kills his teenage sister, Judith. After being in a mental hospital for 15 years, he escapes and returns to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois where begins a killing spree and targets his other sister, Laurie (played by Jamie Lee Curtis), and her friends.

Jamie Lee says about the role: "She didn't look like me, she didn't dress like me, she didn't think like me. I barely got out of high school. She was like the valedictorian of her class. There was a real opportunity for me to be an actor. I hadn't had that opportunity before. For me, that was incredible."

The movie made $47 million worldwide (off a $300,000 budget) and earned a permanent spot in pop culture history.

2. Continue with the second movie: Halloween II, 1981 

In Halloween II, the plot picks up right where it left off. After failing to kill Laurie and surviving multiple gun shots, Michael goes after her once again while she is recovering at the hospital. Meanwhile, Dr. Sam Loomis, Michael's childhood psychiatrist, believes that he has discovered the secret to why Michael is after Laurie.

3. Halloween H20, 1998

Laurie Strode returns in this movie even though she was presumed dead in a car accident in Halloween 4. It turns out that she faked her death in order to avoid Michael. She has concealed her identity for years and now has a son. But of course, Michael finds out and goes after her family.

4. Halloween: Resurrection, 2002

In this film, Michael finally succeeds at killing Laurie. One year after her death, a group of college kids on a reality TV show stay the night at Michael’s abandoned house — and of course, Michael pays them a visit.

5. Halloween, 2018

In this reboot directed by David Gordon Green, Halloween (2018) serves as a direct sequel to Halloween (1978), disregarding all previous sequels. Laurie is alive in this film and has been preparing for Michael’s inevitable return while living fearfully in a fortified house. She knows that it’s only a matter of time before Michael breaks out of his psychiatric institution and all hell breaks loose.

6. Halloween Kills, 2021

Directly following the events of Halloween (2018),Laurie is rushed to the hospital as Michael burns in her basement. But he soon rises from the flames and is out to kill once again. But Laurie and the rest of the Strode women have had enough, and come together to try and kill Michael once and for all.

7. Halloween Ends, 2022

The latest Halloween movie, Halloween Ends, was released on October 14, 2022. Once again, Michael and Laurie come face-to-face — but this one is billed as "Laurie's last stand." So while it may not be the last Halloween movie, it very well may be the last one we see starring Jamie Lee Curtis. It takes place four years after the events of Halloween Kills, and it is the final installment in director David Gordon Green's trilogy.

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