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Chiromancy (Palm Reading)

Chiromancy (Palm Reading)


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Palm reading (also known as palmistry or chiromancy) is one of the most highly regarded divination practices, but that doesn’t make it easy. Chiromancy is the art of analyzing the physical features of your hands to interpret personality characteristics and predict future events. 

Though its precise origins remain unknown, it’s believed that palmistry originated in ancient India. It then spread to other countries and continents, with Aristotle detailing palm reading saying “Lines are not written into the human hand without reason”. By the mid 1900s, palmistry became fully integrated into American culture. 

Within palm reading, hands are considered portals that emit invaluable insight. With that being said, let’s have a look at what your hands can tell you about your life. 

It’s important to analyze both hands. The non-dominant hand reveals natural personality and character, while the dominant hand shows how these traits have been actualised in practice. Together they reveal how a person is utilizing their potential in your lifetime. 

As palmistry is a skill, it takes time to perfect. Today we’ll be starting with larger observations that are easier for beginners, however seasoned pros can look into finer details to observe deeper. 

There are 4 hand shapes that correspond with the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. 

Earth hands are identified by square palms and short fingers, often feeling firmer. People with earth hands are known to be practical, logical, and grounded. They are secure and reliable, but they can become too consumed with immediate issues, which can ultimately hinder long-term planning. 

Fire hands are identified by a long palm and short fingers. These hands often have distinct creases and defined mounds. Fire handed people are known to be passionate, confident, and industrious. They’re driven by desires, so on a bad day they may lack tactfulness and empathy.

Air hands have square palms and long fingers and are often boney, with protruding knuckles and more spindly fingers. This hand type signifies intellectually curious minds who have innate analytical abilities and communication skills. Those with air hands are easily distracted and can become anxious if not mentally stimulated. 

Water hands are distinguished by their long palms and long fingers. These hands are often soft to the touch, with an overall narrow appearance. Those with water hands are in tune with their emotions, intuition, and psychic ability. Fueled by compassion and imagination, these individuals are often creative. Water handed folk can be extremely sensitive and their feelings are easily hurt, causing stress with those closest to them. 

What type of hands do you have?

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