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Can You Get Every Answer Right On This Harry Potter Quiz?

Can You Get Every Answer Right On This Harry Potter Quiz?


@jointhecovn odds you get 8/8 #harrypotter #harrypottertiktok #harrypotterquiz #harrypottertiktok #factsyoudidntknow #chamberofsecrets #sorcerersstone #voldemort #halloween #hogwarts #nearlyheadlessnick #quiztime #pubquiz #spookyseason ♬ Paris - Else


If you think you know Halloween in Harry Potter, think again. Test your knowledge of both the books and the movies. 

* Answers are below the questions, so scroll with caution * 

1. On Halloween in the Sorcerer's Stone book, who does Ron initially think let the Troll in? 




-Fred and George 

2. In Which book did Harry, Ron and Herminone miss the Halloween feast to go to Nearly Headless Nick’s Deathday party? 

-Sorcerer's Stone

-Chamber of Secrets 

-Prisoner of Azkaban 

-Order of the Phoenix 

3. In Prisoner of Azkaban film director Alfonso Cuarón included original music called ‘Double Trouble” what are the correct lyrics? 

-double double toil and trouble 

-double double foil the trouble 

-double trouble boil and trouble 

-double trouble toil and trouble

4. Which Hogwarts ghost has Harry Potter never talked to?

-Nearly Headless Nick

-Helena Ravenclaw

-Bloody Baren 

-Moaning Myrtle 


5. How big do Hargrid’s Halloween pumpkins get? (Described in Chamber of Secrets) 

-Large Cauldron 



-Garden Shed 


6. What event didn’t happen on October 31st? 

-Lily and James Potter were murdered by Lord Voldemort 

-Nearly Headless Nick was killed 

-The Chamber of Secrets were opened 

-The Triwizard tournament Champions were chosen by Goblet of Fire 

7. In Prisoner of Azaban Book, which one of the following did Harry NOT do on Halloween? 

-Have a cuppa with Lupin

-Sneak into Hogsmeade

-Go to the Halloween Feast 

-Get Yelled at by Flich

8. In Which book is there NO mention of the Hogwarts Halloween feast?

-Order of the Phoenix 

-Half Blood Prince 

-Deathly Hallows 

-All of the Above



1. Peeves

2. Chamber of Secrets

3. Double Double Toil and Trouble

4. Blood Baron

5. Garden Shed

6. The Chamber of Secrets were opened

7. Sneak into Hogsmeade

8. All of the Above!


So, how did you do? Is your Harry Potter megafan status untouched? 

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