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Attraction Magic

Attraction Magic


@jointhecovn Down on your luck? Look no further #attractionspell #luckygirlsyndrome #manekineko #halloween #witchy #witchtok #witchcraft #spellwork #todayilearned #funfacts #getlucky #luckycharms #luckycharm ♬ original sound - Covn


Been down on your luck lately? Attraction Magic follows the law of attraction, which is the concept that like attracts like. It typically uses a certain degree of magical manipulation in order to accelerate or activate an interaction. These spells are made to produce a magnetic effect and is fueled by the desire for life’s joy such as love, romance, offspring, health, prosperity, money and success. Many cultures across time have used different vessels and imagery to attract luck. 

Attraction magic encompasses all kinds of spells, intention-setting, and rituals designed to draw something (or someone) closer to you. It's typically short-lived, potent, fast-acting, and solely focused on attracting this thing/person to you, rather than encouraging longevity or progress. 

To perform attraction magic you must have a clear intention so you can perfectly envision what you are trying to attract. Though sometimes, you may end up receiving what you need rather than what you want, so keep an open mind. 

Some more points about Attraction Magic:
  1. You can incorporate items such as magnets, iron filing and lodestones in your spellwork to increase your spells.
  2.  Sugar is also believed to have magical attraction powers, an old folklore. 
  3. An old folklore says that sprinkling a sugarly path from the street to your door will attract good company, customers and asupious people. 
  4. Talisman objects such as horseshoes, four leaf clovers, wishbones and dice are examples of lucky charms. 
  5. Lucky creatures are usually depicted as white elephants, ladybugs, fish, and spiders (who are rumored to capture and keep good luck in their webs. 
  6. Another lucky figure you’ll probably recognize is the maneki-neko translated directly to ‘beckoning cat’ is a centuries old originally Japanese figure of luck. An upraised right hand is supposed to welcome cash while an upraised left hand welcomes business while a red maneki-neko invites love. 

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